Cowboys Playoff Woes Going Into Monday Night Against Bucs

Cowboys Playoff Woes Going Into Monday Night Against Bucs

Americas team the Dallas Cowboys are headed back to the playoffs with a matchup against the Tom Brady led Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football. The Cowboys come in as the favorite at -2.5 but Dallas and their fans are absolutely no stranger to playoff disappointment. 4-12-1 is the playoff record for Americas team against the spread.

Dak Prescott has not been of much help to them in their quest for a championship either. With his 1-3 playoff record and his uptick of interceptions lately, Cowboys fans are surely preparing themselves for heartache again. In the playoffs Dak has a 61% completion rate with 6 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. This team looks great on paper but it seems they lack enough professionalism to truly get the job done.

Perfect example of their lack of professionalism is how their season ended last year. With just 13 seconds left in the fourth quarter and down six points at the 40-yard line, Prescott ran the ball for a first down and more. But after the play he scrambled to his feet in an attempt to get another snap off to spike the ball and stop the clock. In his panic, he gave the ball to his center and not the referee. The official was forced to run to the ball and bumped into Prescott because he had to properly place it. But it was too late. The Cowboys weren’t able to get the snap off in time and the 49ers won 23–17.

The Cowboys have come up short against the Bucs in the past 2 games they have played them with Tom Brady taking them down both times. With the fact of Brady never having lost to the Dallas Cowboys, there has to be some fear in the fans of Americas team. Tom always seems to show up when it matters most and the Cowboys always find a way to choke when it matters most. Monday night will surely be a great game to watch as we shall see the continuation of the great Brady or maybe Dallas will finally be able to live up to their expectations.